Weekly Data Backups

With a Virtuozzo VPS server, you will have a lot more responsibilities than with a regular shared hosting account. That's why, we've automated by far the most important management job - the server backups. For each of our Virtuozzo VPS servers, we'll make several complete backups every week.Also, the backups can be restored instantly by our support staff. This way, you're able to go to an older state of your server and recover all of its documents and adjustments at any time you'd like. Weekly Data Backups

Unlimited Hosted Domains

All Break 9 Design And Build Solutions’s Virtuozzo VPS servers have unlimited hosted domains, and you'll be able to maintain all your domain names and web sites from a single location. Not only can you host an unlimited number of domains and sites, you can even handle them without difficulty from just a single place - our Web Hosting Control Panel. It was built to allow you to simply and efficiently manage all your domain names, no matter how many you have. Any time, you're just a click away from web site management, you won’t need to work with further billing and domain panels at all. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Control Panel

At Break 9 Design And Build Solutions, we provide our own Web Hosting Control Panel, that's available free of charge with all Virtuozzo VPS servers. It works more quickly than many other control panels, thanks to the numerous improvements we have made to the backend architecture. This enables it to operate noticeably faster than alternative control panels on our virtual servers.Another advantage of our Control Panel is that it’s created to be uncomplicated and it offers fast navigation options to all necessary menus. It’s furthermore filled with free of cost bonuses, which can help you quickly launch a different site and drastically enhance the performance of active ones. Additionally, it’s filled with a lot of valuable instruments designed to make your job as a webmaster less of a challenge. Free Control Panel

Free Reseller Hosting Tools

Obtain over $300 worth of completely free reseller hosting bonuses included in your Virtuozzo VPS server with Break 9 Design And Build Solutions. Use them to promptly launch your very own web hosting company.We provide you with an easy to use billing software, which works flawlessly with the also included domain reseller account. Using them together, you can attain full web hosting automation with very little effort. Free Reseller Hosting Tools

Data Center Choices

The position of the data center is really important for the web browsing experience of any visitors. In case your website is hosted within the UK and your audience is at Australia, they'll encounter slower loading times, in contrast to visitors coming from the UK. To fix this problem, at Break 9 Design And Build Solutions, we offer you a collection of data centers, that are located worldwide and provide excellent connectivity solutions.You can select between a UK data center based outside of London, and our US data center in Chicago, Illinois. Data Center Choices

Full Root Access

If you want to get full command over your hosting environment, but a dedicated server is way too difficult to handle for you, look at Break 9 Design And Build Solutions’s Virtuozzo VPS servers.Each one of our servers comes with full root access, which means you can get total control over all server settings. With just a couple of simple commands, you're able to restart, start or stop every process, that is running on your server. It is possible to easily have a small adjustment in the PHP configuration, recompile the Apache as well as install a new Operating System. You only need an SSH client on an Internet connected system. Full Root Access
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